Notice to Lecturers

Notice to Lecturers

by Caundi Joseph-Gay -
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Dear Lecturers

Kindly note that you are all placed into groups; once you have logged into Moodle you will know what group you are assigned to.

If you were assigned to groups A and B you were expected to attend your first class today; if you are in Group C, your first class will begin tomorrow, Tuesday September 1st, from 10:30 am to 12:30. If you are in Groups D, E, F and G, please check both this platform (Moodle) and your TAMCC email regularly to be informed of your time and date for training. Your facilitator will reach out to you to inform of your next step.

In order to effectively undertake the training, each lecturer must have a course shell to practice and start building their course. All shells are created, however, if this is your first time logging in, chances are, you are not enrolled into your shell so you will not view your course/s. Please reach out to me Caundi Joseph – Gay via email when you have successfully logged in and inform me of such, so that I can enroll you into your course. Please include in your email, your Department and the name of your course.

Kindest regards