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Availability of Quizzes and Feedback for ICL-100

by Caundi Joseph-Gay -

Dear Students:
Please be informed that ALL quizzes and feedback for ICL-100 will open on Monday 27th September, from 8:00 am and close on Friday 1st October, at 11:59 PM via Moodle.

Do take note of the following:
·  All quizzes and feedback questions expected to be closed (today), Tuesday September 21st at (8:00 pm) are now closed and will reopen during the period mentioned above.
·  Students who have already completed some of the quizzes and feedback will be required to complete any new quizzes and feedback during this period mentioned above.
Please be guided accordingly

URGENT - 1st year students

by Caundi Joseph-Gay -

Dear Students, Please note: 

1. YOU ARE REQUIRED to attend Introduction to College Life from  September 6th to September 15th

2. You should NOT enroll into any class/es until AFTER registration.

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